show Your Love Of The West With A Western Themed Bedroom

Putting together a western theme bedroom provides an area in your home that becomes a favorite place to relax and rest. If you love the west, surrounding yourself with colors, textures and patterns that convey a western ambience, will create an area of pure delight. Today, there are many choices from which you may create an environment that provide relaxation and comfort.

A bedroom decorated in a western theme, makes an ideal personal space, offering a calm and restful retreat. It will provide, not only a fun place in which to rest, but it will also become a favorite area in your home if it is designed properly. There are tons of ways a western theme may be produced in your own special space to create an area of peace and tranquility.

A western theme bedroom provides a special spot in your home that becomes your desired place to rest and relax. If you love the west, surrounding yourself with colors, textures and patterns that convey a western ambiance, will create an area of pure delight. Now days, the creative choices are many for an environment that produces both comfort and relaxation.

When creating your own personal western haven, it is important to understand what you personally find to be restful. A western style is comprised of many different elements. The western style of decorating can be created using many different elements. The spectrum of western decorating are vast, going from Native American, Mexican or Spanish on one end with a totally rustic western look on the other. Realize what you think to be restful and peace producing? Create a happy look in your western bedroom, knowing what you would prefer to see when you first open your eyes in the morning?

The design elements and the look you wish to create will help you choose the larger pieces of bedroom furniture. You might think about choosing a wrought iron bed frame if you prefer a western or cowboy type theme. Western bedding can compliment this type of bed frame offering a distinctive cowboy look. Cowboy boots, bandannas, lassos and branding items may be used to decorate as well as western art and paintings on the walls. For a creative touch, use a cowhide on the floor to add texture, color and warmth.

Another idea is to decorate your bedroom using Native American elements. With increasing popularity, many people today choose to decorate their western themed room with Indian artwork and artifacts. This is a beautiful and enduring design style to choose for your western bedroom, whether your family history actually includes Native American heritage or you simply respect the Native American culture. Include items that help produce rest and relaxation. A western style bedspread is an important object to consider including in your Native American bedroom. Cowboy-Indian type colors are woven in many intricate patterns. Consider adding a dream catcher to your decor. According to folklore of the Lakota Indians, such dream catchers are thought to hold the destiny of ones future and are capable of sifting bad dreams from good ones. Excellent decorating choices would be including items such as bows and arrows, sand paintings and rustic crosses.

A rustic wooden bed frame would be a great option to consider if you choose to decorate your bedroom in a Native American style. For an authentic look, textured and colorful western bedding can be used in a Native American design as well as actual fur covered hides. Some type of floor covering or rug would be ideal if the floors in your room are stone or wooden. When choosing a rug, there are lots of different options from which to choose. Look for something as simple as a Mexican blanket or something more intricate such as a colorful woven floor runner.

When designing your western bedroom, curtains or drapes are another important consideration. Many people struggle with sleep if even the tiniest bit of light comes into their bedroom. As a result, window coverings can become extremely important. It can be imperative to make sure that you choose a heavy enough window covering to block that light, if there is a lot of exterior lighting that surrounds your home or if your bedroom faces the east. When decorating in a western theme, the coverings for the windows may be as light or heavy as you choose. To offer natural lighting durning the day, simply pull the window covering back.

Be sure to include lots of interesting accent pieces when decorating your western bedroom. Choose your accent pieces wisely as they are what can take a bedroom from ho-hum to truly extraordinary. There are many accent and accessory pieces from which to choose, depending on the exact way in which you choose to decorate your bedroom in the western style. Decorative items you may wish to include are kiva ladders, rawhide lamps, hand painted leather hides, or Indian pottery and baskets. For your western themed bedroom, you should choose items that appeal to your own personal sense of relaxation and then prepare to enjoy your own private haven.


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