madonna The New Spokesperson For Louis Vuitton

You have saw the brand new Louis Vuitton handbags Spring/Summer 2009 in my last post. In the post, let’s share information about famous singer Madonna with Louis Vuitton. Now, she is the new spokesperson of Louis Vuitton.

It is said that since the LV’s design manager Marc Jacobs have saw Madonna’s vocal concert in Paris, he was attracted by her charm emited in her song. Therefore, Marc Jacobs soon decided to invite Madonna to be the new spokesperson for Louis Vuitton. In the new advertisement, Madonna made attractive poses with new clothes, shoes, handbags and jewellries of Louis Vuitton. Can you guess how old she is exactly? Actually, it is hard to tell from the pictures, isn’t it?

Are you familiar with the two handbags in the pictures? Yes, that’s the new design with bends detail this season. Everybody who want to own them in affordable prices, here is a good piece of news for you: replica handbags of the items are available here!

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